TABET Engineering & Lighting Co. has represented international lighting brands for over 15 years.

With over 3,000 references in lamps, control gears and other lighting accessories, we answer instantaneously to any lighting need, and offer the best solution to our customers.

Through our comprehensive experience in the lighting field, and the numerous projects that we delivered, we offer reliable and efficient solutions matched with best-in-breed products.   

Our dedicated sales team will guide you in finding the solution that matches your requirement. 

Our ultimate goal is our clients satisfaction.

For over 10 years, we have been active in the field of LED lighting. Based on the latest technological breakthroughs, we offer reliable solutions matched with high quality products.

We offer the following types of products in the field of LED:

  • Light sources (COB, linear engines, panel lights)
  • Indoor lighting fittings (downlights, spot lights, track lights, etc...)
  • Outdoor lighting fittings (uplights, facade lighting, etc...)
  • Flexible strips
  • Constant voltage drivers
  • Constant current drivers
  • Dimmers (DALI, DSI, DMX, 1-10v, Phase-cut)
  • Aluminum profiles
  • Accessories (COB holders, reflectors, thermal pads, etc...)  

Home automation systems must be easy to install, simple to operate and effortless to maintain. These are the key features that make our solution successful.

Our home automation solution allows you to control your home with one simple touch without the use of complex wires running all over the place. Say goodbye to those big electrical boxes and welcome modernity and simplicity.

We offer complete home automation solutions which are based on international standards and approved among professionals.

Our scope of work is split into the following 3 phases:

  • The design phase where we work closely with the client in order to reach the desired overall solution.
  • The installation phase during which we assist the installation team to deploy the solution.
  • The commissioning phase helps to identify if all the components were installed correctly. The system parameters are also configured during this last phase.

There are no limits to the ways in which light can be used. It helps us work safely and provides singular moods for a unique environment.

The right light in the right amount in the right place: this saves you energy and lets you create an individual level of lighting comfort that promotes a feeling of well-being.

Our solutions for convenient and energy-efficient lighting control will give you the freedom that you are looking for. 

Any type of light source can be controlled and dimmed with the appropriate set of control gear. Through our long lasting experience, we are able to offer the most suitable lighting solution and answer any requirement.

Either for single color, RGB or tunable white installations, we can offer complete solutions which include controllers, control gears, dimmers and luminaires.

We cover all recognized and standardized international protocols such as DALI, DMX, DSI or 1-10v.   

Our strength relies on our ability to deliver quickly tailor-made lighting solutions and fittings that suit any requirement.

Thanks to the wide range of brands that we represent, and the know-how that was accumulated through out the years, we can deliver unique solutions fitted to any design and architecture.

Our customized solutions are suitable for indoor and outdoor environments. We can deliver linear cut-to-size solutions as well as individual lighting points (spot lights, down lights, track lights, etc...) with a wide choice of finishes and colors.

Based on your choice of light with specific color temperatures, luminous intensities and color rendering index, we will offer the right solution that you are looking for.